Equipment Needed for an Italian Restaurant



Equipment Needed for an Italian Restaurant

Equipment Needed for an Italian Restaurant

All restaurants, regardless of the ethnicity of the food being featured, have to comply with local building, safety and health department codes.

In most cases, your supplier of restaurant equipment will be well versed in the types of kitchen equipment you’ll need to install in order to prepare meals. Once the basics are covered, you’ll need to work with a supplier to determine the equipment you’ll need that is unique to cooking your ethnic style of food.

For an Italian restaurant, it’s obvious you’ll need kitchen equipment to cook the most popular Italian dishes: pizza and pasta.

Basic Restaurant Equipment

Safety, sanitation and heath are three basic issues that must be considered when planning any restaurant.

Customers and employees are most at risk in any restaurant environment due to fires. The placement of fire-retardant materials, overhead sprinklers, dry fire extinguisher systems under the range hood and individual fire extinguishers need to adhere to any code requirements.

Sanitation equipment covers the need for walk-in coolers and freezers, proper garbage disposal systems, and dishwashing equipment to insure all dishes are sanitized after use.

Kitchen and food-service employees mush have convenient and proper equipment to wash their hands regularly. Stainless steel food prep tables and counters that are easy to clean are a must.

Once all the basics are covered, it’s time to shop for those items that you’ll need to prepare and serve Italian food,

Pizza Ovens

The selection of a proper pizza oven depends on the volume of pizza you plan on serving. If pizza is only part of your main menu, you can probably get by with ordering a commercial electric pizza oven. Prices vary according to the capacity needed.

For full-scale pizza service, you’re going to have to spend a lot more and install a traditional brick pizza oven that bakes with wood-fire heat.

Pasta Making Equipment

Pasta, from spaghetti to rigatoni, is the core dish of any Italian restaurant. There are machines available that will do all the functions of pasta making from mixings the base ingredients to blending and kneading to extruding strings of finished pasta. They are expensive, but if you have the customer traffic to justify the cost, they are well worth it.
Smaller demand can be met with large stove-top kettles and hand-cranked spaghetti makers.

Restaurant Supplies

Patrons who favor Italian food want to dine in an atmosphere that has the feel and flavor of old Italy. Most restaurant equipment suppliers will have catalogs or inventories of chairs, tables, linens and tableware that have that cozy, warm Italian feel. Wall decorations featuring Italian scenery and familiar buildings can be acquired from large art stores or over the internet. Visit the Nella Cutlery and Food Equipment Inc website for more information.

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