Must Have Features for an Office Photocopier



Must Have Features for an Office Photocopier

Must Have Features for an Office Photocopier

In the moments before the work day starts, office photocopiers often see a great deal of attention. That situation is particularly prominent at the beginning of the school year as teachers and professors work to organize their material in an efficient manner. Employees need photocopiers, but they also need ones that have certain features to make their jobs easier.

Once employees print pages and make copies, they often have to sit down and endure the laborious process of stapling them all together. A copy machine that can collate precludes this problem. When people feed their documents, they can choose to have the staple put in on whichever side they want. Therefore, they can take the documents right out of the machine and head to class without adding another step to their routine.

Flash-Drive Insertion
Plenty of employees save documents to a flash drive because they know that they will need to make copies again. An easy-to-use screen coupled with a spot to insert a flash drive means that they don’t have to make a trip to the printer. They can just go to the copy machine and output the necessary amount of copies that they need for their project or class.

Scan and Email
Sometimes, employees need to send documentation over to another building. In small companies, walking the document over is an option. In other cases, material must find its way to another branch of the company located in a different community, state or country. On large college campuses, walking documents over often takes up too much time. Instead, people can go to a copy machine, scan their document and directly email it from the machine.

Self-guided Troubleshooting
Anyone who has ever used a copy machine on a regular basis knows that these units break down sometimes. While employees could break the machine if they try to fix serious problems, some basic troubleshooting tips help them to resolve simple matters without assistance. The machine should guide employees through the process and let them know when it has been completed.

Prevention for Forgotten Material
Many people have also walked away from the copy machine only to realize that they forgot the original document. In some cases, the original is important for them to have, and they can just hope that no one takes it before they return to the machine. Therefore, purchasing a copy machine that gives warnings is a wise idea. As long as the copies are made, the machine can begin to beep to alert the user that his or her original is still on the screen.

These features make the lives of employees easier, and they also help in ensuring more smoother operations with the unit overall. You might be interested in visiting West X Business Solutions for more information.

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